After a year of extreme stress and uncertainty, short-lived new year's resolutions seem a bit...inadequate. The alternative? Something "essential", like what it takes to boost our self-esteem and building lasting confidence. Sound good?

In This Masterclass



How to grow confidence after a year of increased uncertainty and anxiety


Getting crystal clear on which specific areas of your self-esteem need your attention


How to rise above self-doubt and limiting beliefs

"I would highly recommend Fadela's courses to anyone that feels disempowered at work, in relationships and even with their own self!"

Dorothea, Confidence Bootcamp alumni

Hey there! I'm Fadela Hilali

I'm a life coach, speaker and author and my passion is helping people build genuine confidence.

I'm obsessed with teaching others how to overcome their insecurities, self-doubt and limiting beliefs that keep on getting in the way of their happiness.

I feel happiest when I'm sharing my experience and knowledge with the world!